About the website:

Established in 2008, Sentidos was birthed by Franco Calero and Jorge Marrero, two seasoned marketing veterans turned entrepreneurs, who wanted to fill a void in the marketing industry with a unique offering. They both had visualized a new results-oriented, multi-disciplinary marketing agency that focuses on strategy with the use of latest technology and emerging media. One, that would make sense on all counts.

A full-on agency offering a full scope of services that provides strategies, campaigns, in digital and traditional form solutions, for marketing, advertising and promotions that really make “sense.” Thus the name, “Sentidos”.

Relying on a top-notch talented team that constitutes the agency’s heart with a single goal. To impress each and every time with each project they touch. You see, at Sentidos we believe there has to be passion. The agency was built on it. And our product should be it.

So, as you can tell, we are a bunch of passionate professionals who can’t wait to put passion into your business and marketing needs and hopefully help you… make sense of it all.

We are proud of all our work and we are greatful with our clients for letting us to be at their service.

– Diseño3st